martedì 23 novembre 2010

" I Love your blog " interview

Hello my lovelies!!!
Sweet Sarah of Burn the blonde today tagged me in her own "I Love Your Blog" interview, so I guess it's now my turn to answer to a few questions about me. ^.^

• 1 Why did you create your blog?

I started blogging so recently. Only from September, but my "baby" (as I like to call my blog: D)it gave me a passionate immediately and fills me with satisfaction every day!My blog was born with the desire and the intention of sharing my passions with others, that 'I love my outfits, in one word: my life!
I believe in heels, in bags, in pink, in the party, the cupcakes and kisses.Take the cake is a smoothie of everything ! ;)

• 2 What kind of blogs do you follow?

I am especially interested in fashion blogs but also photography and design.But fashion is always in first place in the ranking of my passions.Among the blogs I follow my favorites are "The Sartorialist," "Le Blog de Betty", "Fashiontoast" "The blonde salad" but gradually I will be pleasantly surprised by a lot of small blogs are not yet known.I like to compare my oufits with those of other fashion bloggers and maybe even take some creative ideas! ^.^

3 Favourite make-up brands?
Shiseido, Chanel, Dior e MAC <3

• 4 Favourite clothing brands?

In my outfit I love mixing pieces that otherwise (as I say) "could never meet": D Among the brands that I love most are Chanel, Miu Miu, Alexander Wang, All Saint, Alexander McQueen, Zara, H & M, Topshop, Primark, Asos.

5 Your indispensable make-up product?
Can I give up everything (or almost: D) but definitely not at my pink blush!

6 Your favourite colour?
I love always pink but I also really like the cream and black!  

7 Your perfume?

Flowerbomb by Victor & Rolf

8 Your favourite film?

Although now it's all become just a song ...I remain of the view that there is nothing better than watching a good film at the cinema or hire someone old!Among my favorite movies of all timeBreakfast at Tiffany's ...I love the character of Holly Golightly literally!But I also really liked the Amelie
There is a bit of me in each one of them :)

 • 9 What country would you like to visit and why?

Two words, a city: NEW YORK!This is the name of the city that I resolved to visit (finally)by 2011.Perfect for a girl like me, grew up with bread, fashion and "sex and the city"! ;)

10 Write the last questions and answer it yourself:
What is your style inspiration?

I really like the look easy but never banal and trivial of ashley olsen, maybe because she is " Petite " like me, but I am reclaiming much in her style.
Not to mention Kate Moss, I find her perfect every time!And finally Anna Dello Russo Docet!![She does not need any details ;)]

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PS Thanks to my friend  SERENA  for the first pic! it's really sweet, isn't it???

venerdì 5 novembre 2010

• Hearts ... My Obsession!! •

Ok I must confess to you one of my greatest obsession ... hearts! :)
This sweet figure has always had me in an almost hypnotic power, be it objects or clothes, accessories or shoes! : D
(Not to mention the fact that I have two tattoos already!)
Yesterday was the birthday of Leandro:)!
I chose an outfit taste a little androgynous.
Blacks with a high waist pants cut male and jacket.
To make it more feminine and romantic my outfit I wore my new pink silk shirt with black hearts .... I think a perfect match! :)
What do you think?

With love


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Ok vi devo confessare una delle mie più grandi " ossessioni "… i cuori ! :)
Questa dolcissima figura ha da sempre avuto in me un potere quasi ipnotico, sia che si tratti di oggetti o di vestiti, di accessori o di scarpe!! :D
(Per non parlare del fatto che ne ho tatuati già due !! )
Ieri è stato il compleanno di Leandro :) !
Ho scelto un completo dal sapore un pò androgino con pantaloni neri a vita alta dal taglio maschile e giacca.
Per rendere più femminile e romantico il mio outfit ho indossato la mia nuova maglia di seta rosa con cuori neri…. secondo me un connubio perfetto! :)
Che ne pensate??

Con amore


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H&M Silk shirt 
Zara Trousers
Louis Vuitton little bag
Zara Clogs
Vintage bracelets
H&M Golden nailpolish

martedì 2 novembre 2010

And now I'm 24

24 you know is a significant achievement especially for someone like me, I feel it on me just a little more than half !!!!!! : D

The outfit of the evening was improvised at the last minute among a thousand a thousand hesitations but I must admit that I really liked the result!
Those who know me well know that I do not like to even use the socks of winter, especially if she talks about those nasty and, in my opinion, virtually useless, flesh-colored stockings!
Thus was born the tradition (I have to admit not just loved by my friends) for my birthday .... all to "bare legs "!!!!!!!!
This becomes a bit more complicated when, as on Saturday, it rains:)
But you know the traditions must be honored ... so self-sacrifice and socks off!
I wore a cream lace jersey (my color for this winter!) made a little more "frivolous" from my beloved and inseparable high-waisted denim shorts with camel hat with bow, black blazer and clogs:)
Unfortunately I could not take pictures of the complete outfit but it poured!!
In return, here is some pics of the evening: D
With love.


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24 si sà sono un traguardo importante soprattutto per chi, come me, ne sente addosso solo qualcosa in più della metà!!!!!! :D

L' outfit della serata è stato improvvisato all'ultimo minuto tra mille indecisioni ma devo ammettere che il risultato mi è stra-piaciuto!
Chi mi conosce bene sa che non amo utilizzare le calze nemmeno ad inverno inoltrato soprattutto se si stratta di quelle odiosissime e, a mio avviso praticamente inutili, calze velate color carne!
Così è nata la tradizione ( devo ammettere non proprio amata dalle mie amiche )che per il mio compleanno…. tutte a " gambe nude "!!!!!!!!
La cosa diventa un pò più complicata quando, come sabato, piove a dirotto :)
Ma si sà le tradizioni vanno onorate… quindi spirito di sacrificio e via le calze !
Ho indossato una maglia crema ( il mio colore per questo inverno! ) in pizzo resa un pò più "frivola" dai miei adoratissimi e inseparabili shorts di jeans a vita alta con cappellino cammello con fiocco, blazer nero e clogs :)
Purtroppo non ho potuto fare degli scatti del' outfit  competo ma pioveva a dirotto!!!!
In compenso ecco un pò di foto della serata :D
Con amore.

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H&M Lace Jersey
H&M shorts
Zara hat with bow (thanks Leandro :D)
Hermès and Juicy couture bracelets